Frontline Not Working? Update!

A while ago I wrote a post about Frontline and the fact that many people aren’t finding it effective.  My suggestion was that it was a good idea to check that the product was being used properly.  Since writing that post I’ve had an increasing number of emails and comments from people who are using Frontline properly, and have been doing so for many years, but who now find that it isn’t doing the job.

My own experience with Frontline has been mixed. I’ve used it on my dog in the past and it has been fine.  However, when we did our usual thing of leaving off the flea treatment for the winter and due to the mild winter, she got fleas, Frontline didn’t shift them (nor did Stronghold).  My sister-in-law reports that Frontline is no longer working for her cats and that her neighbours are experiencing the same thing.  I have a contact who is a dog trainer in the US and she reports that her network of colleagues across the US  say that the product is now ineffective in many areas (though not all).  If you check the comments on my original post, you will see that a vet has commented that she believes that fleas have become immune to Frontline.  I’ve also asked the question “Is Frontline working” on one of my social networks and the response I’ve got is almost unanimously “no”.

So, it looks like there is a problem that goes beyond a failure to follow instructions on using the product.  It’s interesting that vets are still selling the product when so many people are reporting problems.  I wondered if the vets, and indeed the manufacturer, are aware of people’s misgivings.  I decided to find out; I emailed Merial, the company which manufactures Frontline, and passed on the information that’s come into me and asked for their comments.  They were super quick at acknowledging the email and, I hope, I will be able to give you their take on what’s going on with Frontline soon.

I’ll keep you posted – in the meantime, keep those emails and comments coming, and many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to write to me.

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  1. A lot of people report Frontline not working because they aren’t using it correctly and/or because they don’t understand where the fleas are coming from/the flea life cycle. While it is possible some resistance has come into play, it has not been proven (I’ve been scouring articles and scientific papers), I think a lot of people don’t know the flea life cycle…once the infestation is bad enough for people to notice, there are already LOTS of immature fleas in the pet surroundings. So when they treat with frontline, the see the number of adult fleas drop in about a day or so, then in about 2-4 weeks there are a TON of adult fleas and they think Frontline didn’t work, but really it is just the already laid eggs hatching, maturing to larvae, pupating, and emerging as adult fleas. If you’ve been using Frontline for 3-4 months and are still getting fleas, they could be coming in from outside, off of a stray, or off the clothes of pet bearing visitors. :/

    • Hi Liz – that’s exactly what I thought but I’ve had to have a rethink due to the number of people who have been using Frontline successfully for years (so I guess they know what they are doing) and who have now reported that it is not working for them. For instance, my sister-in-law has had cats all her adult life, has used Frontline for many years, but now finds it ineffective. She is completely aware of the flea life cycle and has been taking steps for several months to rid the house of the infestation, which in normal circumstances should do the trick. So, due to the number of people who are only just starting to experience problems, where they have had none in the past, I have to say there may be a problem.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, great to hear from you


    • I’ve been using Frontline for 4 months. I have my girlfriend hold the cats down when we apply it, this last time I even shaved a tiny spot on our long hair so I could be SURE that we applied it directly to the skin. I’ve vacuum the apartment every single day (sometimes twice). And still NOTHING. I pull 4 to 5 fleas off of each of my cats every single day with a flea comb. They certainly aren’t bad enough to be jumping on me or my feet, but the cats are constantly scratching and can no longer sleep with us because they wake us up with the scratching. Both our cats are indoor only, and our apartment is a second story walk up, they’re not coming in from outside. Frontline just plain doesn’t work here.

      • Hi Jim – have you been treating your apartment too? Got to treat the cats and the apartment – if an infestation has built up, the fleas in your apartment (I say it a lot, but only 5% of the fleas are on your pet – the other 95% are around your home) will simply mature and jump back on to the cats and start the flea cycle again. You must break the cycle by not only treating the cats, but your home – hoover, hoover, hoover and if necessary use a flea spray in the house. The spot-on treatments are for keeping fleas at bay and dealing with the odd fleas that are picked up. If there is an infestation, you must treat your house.

  2. I have been using the product for over 10 years. We must know how to use it properly because it has been very effective. This summer is different. I haven’t seen this many fleas since all we had were flea collars. Something’s going on. You can’t blame this on people not using it correctly because we have done nothing different for years and have never had a problem. It’s insulting to say otherwise.

    • Hi Carla – I did mention your point in my email to Merial and used my sister-in-law as a case in point. Merial’s response is that their own tests show that it is effective. I don’t know that they are saying that people aren’t putting it on their pets correctly, but more that once fleas get into the house, perhaps people aren’t treating the house. In previous years there haven’t been as many fleas in the environment because they’ve been killed off in colder winters – that hasn’t happened for a few years, so our pets are more likely to bring them in. Flea treatments can cope with the odd “hitchhiker” flea, but once the numbers increase in the house, Frontline can’t cope with that. That’s how I read their answer, anyway. I’ve got a document from them, which I will post, may be that will make more sense.

      I take your point about it appearing insulting.

      Kind regards


    • I also have been using Frontline since 2004. I was very happy with it, used it all year long as directed, until 2012. It simply quit working. I have 2 German Shepherds in the house and NEVER had any problems with fleas until last fall. I’m seeing a LOT of complaints from 2012. I know I apply it correctly, because I had my vet walk me through it. For 8 years, I and my dogs were flea free. My vet does not even carry Frontline anymore because he said it was being made weaker and people were returning it. I recently tried the Flea4X and so far so good.

  3. I moved into a rental that had fleas. The owners said that the house had been sprayed, but they had the next door neighbor spray something he bought at Ace hardware. I am being eaten alive. I’ve tried bombs, spray, natural methods including Borax. I vacuum and wash a lot. How do I get my landlord to pay for a professional? Will a professional even work? In the past Frontline killed off the few fleas my cat had, but now it’s as if she isn’t being treated with anything. Any ideas?

    • Hi Andrea – you say you hoover “a lot” which is great, but if there is an infestation you need to hoover EVERY DAY! Sorry, it’s a pain, but that’s what works. It could take months. Yes, you can also spray – I’ve used Indorex, but please refer to the pages on the site about how to get rid of fleas in your house. A good professional would be able to get rid of the fleas – please remember it’s always a two pronged attack – treat your pet and your home; if you don’t do one, it won’t work.

      Can you get your landlord to pay – I don’t know in which country you live or the terms of your tenancy agreement, so I can’t comment.

      Kind regards

  4. This is what happens when a product gets overused. You get arthropod resistance in certain areas. It’s been gradually occurring with the most used products for years. Frontline appears to be one if them now. Merck (formerly Merial) no longer have the patent for Fipronil, the ingredient for Frontline. Notably they have now brought out a novel product for fleas which does not have issues of resistance so far. This is a replacement for Frontline and is available from vets.

  5. I, too, have had poor results with Frontline this year. I am having to manually remove fleas from my pets. I had always had good luck with Frontline in the past. I think it should be important to note that along with vacuuming the bag must be removed very often to prevent fleas from hatching in there. The bag must be removed and disposed of outside away from the house and the pets’ areas. Also, it is a good idea to put a cheap flea collar inside the bag to kill the fleas that are sucked up. I usually cut the flea collar into a few pieces and save the remaining pieces in a ziploc bag for later use.

    • Thanks cheryl – I think we have your tips about the hoover bag in our “get rid of fleas in your home” post, but thanks for mentioning it here. Sorry to hear that you are having problems this year – I think it’s going to be another bad winter for flea problems – last year’s mild winter didn’t kill them off, so there have been more of them to breed all summer. Just don’t let up on the treatments and the hoovering.

      Best of luck.

  6. Frontline/Frontline Plus is not working. I have had cats and dogs in my home for over twenty years and have never had a problem with fleas. Not this year. I purchased Frontline Plus and applied the medication properly. Did not work. I applied a second dose. Nothing. Only more and more fleas and flea dirt. I have one cat that has live separately from the others. Every morning I cleaned his bedding and found only flea dirt; no dead fleas. I finally purchased Advantage !! and saw an immediate difference. The next morning, there was no visible flea dirt where he rests; but there were dead and dying fleas. The difference in the product has been amazing. I had never used Advantage products, but a veterinary technician told me that she had switched because Frontline was not working. Unfortunately, I continue to struggle with a flea infestation like none I ever imagined. I have cleaned floors, cleaned all flat surfaces where the cats jump or rest; spread dimetaceous earth and RX for fleas, a derivative of Borax and used Enforcer flea spray yesterday. I have tried everything recommended. I am making some progress, but am worried about the stress my cats have endured. The fleas have certainly taken their toll on them.

    • Hi Rita – thanks for sharing your story with us – glad to hear that Advantage has worked for you. Unfortunately it can often take months to get a flea infestation under control – you need to keep up the treatment of your pets and hoover EVERY day, disposing of the vacuum bags outside. Good luck.

  7. Started using Frontline last wednesday 10/3/12 but it’s not doing the job… Have vacuumed everyday (The carpet , under furniture and vacuum the furniture) My nephews girlfriend is a groomer and said fleas are becoming immuned to frontline. (but still works on some pets.) She also cut my dogs hair close to the skin yesterday to find my dog is very infested… I’ve never been faced with this before and had this dog 6 years.
    Guess I need to get flea bombs for the house,, Does anyone know if they truly work? Thanks and good luck to anyone going through this.

    • Hi John – unfortunately any flea product will struggle in getting rid of a flea infestation instantly. Once there is an infestation you need to treat your pets and your home regularly – one treatment of a flea product and one round of hoovering isn’t sufficient. You will need to hoover EVERY day for weeks because of the complicated flea life cycle. I’m not keen on flea bombs – I think that spraying (Indorex has worked for me) and persistent hoovering works better – check out the post on treating your house.

      Good luck.

      • Also, applying lots of table salt to carpet and sofas will kill fleas. You need to keep reapplying to get rid of the new ones that hatch out. I did this for 9 months and now my home is free of fleas.

  8. I noticed fleas on my dog in late August. He had a Frontline flea treatment at the beginning of that month, so I did Septembers a couple days early and started vacuuming every day, giving him flea shampoo baths weekly, cleaning the house and sheets like crazy. I also put a flea collar on him thinking it might help. But there were still adult fleas on him everyday I checked. I gave my dog another frontline treatment exactly 30 days (September 28) from the last one. Last weekend, I cleaned the carpets with a steam cleaner and bombed the entire house. I found another adult flea on him last night. Frontline is not working. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow. I have used frontline on him and my previous dog and it has always worked great! I used to swear by it. Now, I’ll tell everyone I know to buy something else… it doesn’t work anymore.

    • Fed up with Fleas!

      Sorry to hear you are having such problems with fleas. Thanks for sharing what you have gone through – you are certainly not the only one who is reporting problems with Frontline (as you can see from both the post and the comments). I hope that your vet can recommend something that works for you – please get back to us and let us know how you get on.

      Many thanks!

      • We had used Frontline Plus for many years with all of our dogs and never had a flea problem, but in the spring of 2011 it just quit working, I thought maybe it was a bad batch so I went and bought some from a different source. Same problem, had to begin using a spray on and rub in flea killer from Walmart, what a mess though it did kill fleas on direct contact. This summer (13) I’m using K9 Advantix ll, it’s working but doesn’t kill fleas just repels them so I’ve had to spray and vacuum much more often. Love to know if the fleas have built an immunity to frontline or what?

        • Hi Bud – your experience seems to reflect a lot of other people’s experience. I wrote to Frontline about it and you can see what they said in this post. As you’ll see, according to them, there’s no question of immunity. Lots of others would disagree!

          Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

  9. I too have Frontline plus not working. I have dosed the dogs, bombed the house with Raid flea bombs and sprayed the entire yard, dog houses and outdoor carpets with Seven twice this summer. Yet after all this the dogs still have fleas. I think i covered all the basis. I knew this year would be bad, but it has been an expensive failure. I think Frontline has gotten weaker. Guess I will go back to the real basics and bathe the dogs with Blue dawn dish soap every week. I hate that but it worked in the past.

  10. I have been using frontline on my dog and cat for over 6 years now. I apply it every single month, regardless of season. We live in Southern California so it never gets very humid or cold, so I go the safe route and put the frontline on every month. It has worked for years, but I noticed this month my cat has scabs on her back towards her bottom, which generally arise as an allergic reaction to a flea bite. This usually means that she is nearing time for a new round of frontline and has generally coincided with the timing as well. It has happened in the past and the dose of frontline has helped to stop the flea bites, reducing the allergic reaction, and thus the itching and scabs go away. This month, it didn’t work. I actually applied the next round of frontline even earlier than I was supposed to, hoping the itching would subside and scabs would goaway. I have hardwood floors throughout my entire house so I don’t have an issue with them infesting my home. I have no idea what to do, other than potentially switch to another provider. I used Advantage years ago and it was very unsuccessful. Do you recommend any other flea medications?

    • Hi Breanna – sorry to hear that you are having trouble with fleas. One quick comment – I have had a flea infestation even though I have had hardwood floors for years – it’s no guarantee! They can thrive in the gaps between the skirting boards and the flooring and, of course, in the soft furnishings. Even with a hardwood floor, you need to hoover everyday if you have a flea problem (and that includes hoovering the sofas – take off all the cushions – and hoover beneath it too).

      I don’t like recommending products for cats as I don’t have my own, so haven’t tried them out on my own pet. I do know people who have tried the oral treatment Program and found it effective, but as I say, I’ve got no first-hand evidence. I know that Sentinel is a similar product.

      I have used Advantage for my dog and found it highly effective – so, as you see, what works for one animal may not work for another.

      May be talk to your Vet/Vet nurse and ask what they are finding effective in your area.

      Good luck.

  11. My poor cat is suffering too, I have been using Frontline successfully for years, but found it did nt find it work this summer. I got a script from my vet for frontline plus as I had heard that fleas are particularly bad this year and this product is supposed to interupt the life cycle as werll as killing the adults. Still no joy, after two applications my cats flea allergy is worsening to the point where I will have to take him to the vets tomorrow. The third dose is due but I m wondering if there is any point in applying it, I think I d be better off with a different product but what and where to get it? I’m going to seek the advice of viovet where I purchased the frontline and hope they can help. I live in West Oxfordshire.

    • Hi Christine – sorry to hear you are having problems too. Hope your vet can sort our your cat’s flea allergy – my dog gets it too. I used Capstar to immediately kill the adult fleas on her. It was then a long battle to rid ourselves of the other 95% of the flea population – took months of hoovering every day. It’s always a two pronged battle – treat the pet and the pet’s environment.

      Good luck

  12. Hi i am from the uk and we also seem to be expereincing the same problems with frontline. i’ve used this product for 6 years with no problems but now it is having no effect what so ever. My vet says they have had record numbers of pet owners coming to them saying frontline is no longer working.

    • Hi Rebecca – it’s a similar problem in the UK and USA. Frontline’s answer, as you can see, is that people simply don’t understand the flea life cycle and have unrealistic expectations. With the increase in the flea population, they would say that we need to up our game and treat our homes as well as our pets (at least, that’s how I read their advice) – in the past, Frontline was fine for dealing with the few “hitchhiker” fleas that pets picked up, but now, with increased numbers, people need to be vigilant to infestations in their homes.

  13. I have used Frontline for many years. This summer it did absolutely nothing. I am flea shampooing weekly and am now trying Diamotaceous Earth. Maybe when they lost their patent they watered down the formula.

    • Hi Chaplin – the company are adamant that they have not changed their product. Hope you have some luck with the natural treatments – I like baking soda and salt, but I think the main point is that whatever you use, hoover daily.

      Good luck

      • Hi Judi! My vet told me the exact opposite! He said they had weakened it and he no longer carries it. I’m wondering if maybe he has some inside information?

  14. Hi All
    Me and some of my work collegues who also have cats and dogs have all reported having problems with flea’s this year. we have had cats and dogs for years and always used frontline. I was told by the vets that due to frontline been sold in supermarkets the strength have now been weakened and not working effectively they have had a large increase of flea infestations. I know this is only word of mouth however i sent a email to frontline to complain about their product over a month ago and still not had a response. I would be greatful for a response as i have three cats and dont see why i should pay 3 lots of flee treatment as their product is rubbish and not effective. i have also used advantage and have fantastic results.
    thanks all

    • Hi Sarah – as you can see from the comments, you aren’t alone! Frontline were pretty quick at answering the email I sent them – I’d send them a reminder. They are adamant that they haven’t changed the formula though, I do know that.

      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.

      Best wishes

  15. I have used Frontline Plus forever and this year my poor puppies are suffering so. I to contacted the company and was blown off by them. I will NEVER purchase another one of their products. They did change the formula and a lieing about it. I hear Comfotis works very well, a little more expensive but my dogs mean everything to me. I’m tired of cleaning, booming, bathing, etc. etc. Frontline is a waste of money, I just wish we could get more exposure thru the media. I’ve spoken to so many people at the vets, stores, my office, everyone says the same thing, it is NOT WORKING!!!

    • Hi Sharon – thanks for sharing your experiences. Lots of people are saying the same thing.

      Hope you find something that works for you soon.

      Kind regards

    • Comfortis worked great on both of my dogs but it made them sick to their stomachs (even when taken with food). I had to drop it. :(

  16. Ok, the Frontline has completely quit working, so decided to do a search to see if something was going on . Ive used for 6 yrs on my very pampered yorkie with no problems. She only goes outside briefly to potty. She is bathed weekly and goes to groomer every 3mos. We have been Infested for the past 5-6 mos. I have had the pest control come out, we spray the carpets and vacuum carpet and furniture every few days, pull ALL the linens and comforters off the beds and wash them weekly. Still FLEAS after doing all the above yesterday and bathing my yorkie.putting her Frontline on; last night I pulled 3 fleas off off her and 3 fleas off this morning. THIS IS I wish I would not have put Frontline on her yesterday..Ill have to wait 30 days to get Advantage and put on her…this has been Misery.

    • Sorry to hear your problems. From experience I know that it can take months on end to completely clear a flea infestation and it does seem that nothing works. You will get there, just keep up with the daily hoovering. Best of luck.

  17. I’ve just tried calling Merial – twice now! I’ve been using frontline for years and for the first time it isn’t working effectively. My poor cats have had fleas since the summer and I’ve been using frontline religiously (thinking that maybe I was missing the flea cycle somewhere!). I’ve washed everything at 60 degrees, hoovered the house no end (although there is no evidence of them in the house) and still they scratch. My one poor girl is allergic and gets sores especially on her throat. I was wondering if there was a new mutant kind of flea what has evolved (sounds far fetched I know) that is immune to frontline. I’m going to try Advocate as I’m now desperate.

    • Hi Sandi – many people are suggesting that there is immunity to Frontline, but so far, no evidence. So sorry that you cat has a flea allergy, my dog has one too. Don’t under estimate how long it takes to get rid of fleas (can be weeks or even months) and you may well never see evidence of them in the house. I think trying a different brand is a good idea. Hope all goes well for you.

  18. I have used frontline for years, I have tried a bunch of other products also this year. I have had dogs and cats all my life. I have also worked as a groomer for a number of years. I know how to kill fleas and ticks. I have never ever had this problem before. Its not only frontline, it seems that most of the “drops between the shoulder blades” products are not working. I have a bachelors degree in environmental science. I think that just as bacteria becomes immune to antibiotics, fleas have mutated and become immune to these flea products. Just a guess, but since nothing seems to be working, what else could it be? I don’t know but I am ready to tear my hair out.

    • Hi Lori – I’m using Stronghold at the moment and, so far, so good. Advantage has worked too. I’ve heard a lot of people saying they think the fleas are becoming immune, so you’re not alone.

      Thanks for your comments.

    • Try applying the drops from the shoulders to the tail, (making sure you only touch the skin). This helped on my GSD when he got really infected,

  19. I feel like we need to form a support group! This problem is so stressful! Especially with the holidays coming up, I’m afraid of bringing out the decorations and infecting them too. The constant vacuuming is so time consuming also! ugh.. I’ve been looking into diamtomaceous earth for treating the house and outdoors.. not a chemical, it kills by piercing their bodies. I bought a bag but I need to figure out how to apply it correctly, but from what I’ve been reading, seems like it’s definitely worth a try.

    • Hi Laura – yes diatomaceous earth has definitely got its fans – I’ve not tried it, I used a mixture of a spray (Indorex) topped up with salt and baking soda. I agree it’s stressful – our infestation occurred over the Christmas period too, I just put up the decorations with no ill effects. Good luck!

  20. I use Advantix II and have had NO issues whatsover, with fleas, ticks, or flies. There are new products out that claim their effects are even BETTER. I’ve just found if I don’t chince on their med’s and treat my land once a year with insecticide (innexpensive) I haven’t had any issues.

  21. We have indoor cats only and have been using Advantage or Frontline for many years with no problem. We do use the products correctly and have never had a problem with fleas in the past. Now Frontline is not killing the fleas. I dosed my cats one day and no change. A few days later still had fleas. I dosed again and fleas are still thriving. We are switching back to Advantage, but have to wait a few weeks.

  22. Maybe I am not diligent enough and don’t understand why this is happening, like the very first commenter replied, but I feel like I have done absolutely everything to get rid of my dogs fleas now. I have spent over $600 and it has been three months of fleas. We still have them. I would think it’s something I am doing since fleas are so small, but we have been to the point where she didn’t have any on her and hadn’t scratched in two days or so. THE BIGGEST REASON I THINJ THE FRONTLINE MAY NOT BE WORKING: I used it for four years on my dog without ONE flea! Now all of a sudden they are over running my life!!! Seems craaaazy! Even now my dog is in there biting and freaking scratching!!!!!!! It is sooooo annoying!!! Aaahh!

  23. I have owned cats most of my adult life and always used Fronline to control flees, but now my cat has flees and Frontline is no longer shifting them.
    He’s not really an out door cat, prefering the indoors but sometimes going out for fresh air from time to time. Ive never known him to have flees while using Frontline, so there must be a problem with ether Frontline itself or the flees are now resistant.
    I have added Frontline in the normal way (directly to the skin at the back of his kneck) three times this month already, and the flees still persist

  24. Hi- we too have been having a huge issue with fleas and frontline not working on our cats. I’m thinking about trying advantage, but have heard its dangerous for cats. Do you know anything about it? Also, what about a flea bomb for our house? Do you know if that works?

    • Re: Advantage for cats-I have ONLY used Advantage for my cats, and at any given time, I have 5 indoor cats. Works awesome and have never had any health/medical issues because of it. I don’t know who/how you heard that Advantage isn’t safe for cats, but maybe those cats who had issues with it, were allergic to the active ingredient. Hope this helps! :)

  25. This is awful!! I’ve used Frontline for ions and it’s no longer effective. We have a young Shih Tzu and a large number of rescue cats and I am at my wits end. I have sprayed the house with RIP twice and hoover every day. I have just ordered some Advantage but have heard the 4 Fleas by Johnsons can the fleas from the coats within 15 mins (hmmmm) Might be worth a try before applying the Advantage.

  26. Hi, we live in Australia (QLD) and our cat came to us with fleas from the local RSPCA. We too have been using Frontline plus for nearly two months now and with the summer weather upon us the fleas have increased in numbers and we are combing over 20 fleas a day off our poor cat. Will definately be trying another product soon. Went back to the pet shop where we bought the Frontline from and the sales person said that it’s a very good product and we just have to persist with it. I brought up the idea of it not working as effectively as it used to, but she said that was wrong. Next time I go to the vet I’ll bring up the issue and see if they are any more clued in.

  27. I used to use Frontline Plus on my dog who unfortunately passed away about 3 years ago. I just took in 2 rescue cats this year and have been using the Frontline Plus on them “as directed” and they still have fleas. I’ve had one cat for about 9 months and the other about 6 months and neither of them go outdoors at all. They do however go out on my screen balcony that is on a 2nd floor, and there is no flea infestation there. I’m very interested to see what Merial has to say about this. I really don’t know which product to buy now and I seriously do not have the money to keep purchasing products that don’t work. Thanks for looking into this for everyone and I look forward to reading more responses.

  28. I have been using Frontline on my dog for over two years yet a few mths ago she had a severe reaction, there is no warning on the instructions notifying people of the side effects that my dog had. My vets told me that they wont put my dogs symptoms on their warning because there has to be lots of reports. I could of went out that evening after applying the treatment and I would have came home to a dead dog, luckily I was with her when she severely swelled up all over and had problems breathing, rushed her to the vets were they injected her 3 times and wanted to keep her in for monitoring, they said her heart could have stopped if the treatment did not work. I will never use flea treatment again on any of my dogs.

  29. Hi All,
    I live in the Uk.
    My cat has had really bad sores on her lower back.
    She has has to take Antibiotics and Steroids for recovery and use a wash over the infected areas for the past 2 weeks and has had to wear a collar to stop her biting herself, and kept inside.
    We went to the vet 2 weeks ago and they didn’t see any fleas but when I returned yesterday the found one.
    I had been treating her with Frontline plus for 5 years (thought i was spending double for a better product as opposed to just Frontline) for years, shes only had a flea reaction once before about 3 years ago and it cleared up itself!
    I have also bought Diametrious earth. I also have laminate flooring and leather sofas but still fleas are in my home. I already Hoover twice daily as I have a young child.
    The vet said yesterday that lots of clients had complained about the same thing and they have no faith in Frontline.
    But i was really surprised when the vet found fleas on her. Let’s hope the new stuff works as I can imagine the cats in agony poor thing.
    The vet recommended i bought Stronghold and RIP spray for the house which I did immediately.

  30. Has anyone had any issues with being allergic to Frontline Plus? I have used this product for years with great success, but last May when I put it on my dog (we do not use it in the winter months), I broke out in hives and broke out consistently for 6 months while my dog was on it. I did not put two and two together until last Friday when I put it on them again after not using it since last October (and not breaking out in hives since) and within 6 hours I was breaking out in hives again. That said, now I know it is this product causing me hives.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Did they change their product?

  31. Why are some of you trying so hard to defend this product, which costs far too much anyway???, Read my typeface…FRONTLINE PLUS DOES NOT WORK!!!!! And they are STILL selling it here.

    • Agreed, as I mentioned in my comment below try Comfortis: My vet insisted it would take 3 months, when I took my cat in for a second opinion after just under a month my NEW vet shook her head. One thing I did wrong as the Frontline between his should blades, next time I’ll use it higher up to the base of his skull so he can’t lick it off. I’m going to finish out the packets I bought, but I got 2 Comfortis pills for 30 bucks, less money more efficient.

  32. Ok everyone… I decided to try another product and I bought Advantix II for my cats (at Pet Supermarket) and I was amazed how it worked in just hours. I bought the Advantix II and bath wipes for the cats and gave them the drops and cleaned the old flea dirt w/the bath wipes and the next day there was NOTHING on them. I did see a couple fleas (on me!!!) the next couple days but that was because they were finally off my cats! My cats are so happy and the Maine Coon is finally not losing anymore hair. Luckily I have tile floors but I put Borax on my area rugs and vacuumed several times, no more fleas. It has been a blessing and no adverse reactions from the cats. I am thrilled. Usually you get 3 tubes for the $59 I spent, but Advantix gives you 4 tubes which is great since I have 2 cats. I’m not putting it on them as often as they say. But I’ll be using it every few months as I think they are good now. :) Try it and good luck!!!!

  33. We had problems in early December with Frontline no longer working our 2 cats, causing a flea alergy. We consulted our vet and he said that fleas have become immune to it so, he prescribed Bayer’s Advocate and now they’re clear.

  34. I have used frontline+ for over 7 years with great results. This last year my poor dogs have been covered with fleas. We vacuum everyday, always have, and even flea comb them daily. Something is very wrong with this product. I can see fleas on my dogs the day after treatment ? They can’t tell me I’m doing it wrong or I’m living in a different area, same everything, even the Frontline+. I put them on Comfortis for three months, all the fleas gone. Then I started back on the Frontline+ and in two months we have fleas again ! I don’t like to give them internal medicines so I am going to try Advantage since some have had good luck with it.

  35. In nearly 15 years of pet ownership (inside cats, in/out dogs), 2013 has been my only year of flea problems. We live in Ohio. Frontline worked great every year up to now, but I guess fipronil (sp?) Is no longer effective here. I liked frontline especially in that the flea control lasted up to 90 days, so after tick season passed, it was only needed every 2-3 months…all other meds only last 30 days & cost as much if not more. Frustratingly, advantage isn’t doing any better this year, so I’ve had to pay 2 professional exterminators plus vacuum daily, etc…for nearly 3 months so far. Oral meds are hard w/cats…plus you still have ticks to contend with…and newer stuff like vectra has scary reviews. What galls me the most is that vets/reputable retailers are still peddling useless junk & their reps are lying through their teeth to consumers who are forking out hundreds of $$$. It’s criminal. I’ve never purchased anywhere other than directly from a vet. It sucks. My poor pets are still scratching.

  36. Hi there! I haven’t read all the threads here, but I am just so annoyed by fleas and how my vet treated them I figured I would share. I’m moving soon and I needed this problem gone, I’ve treated my house twice but never fully got rid of fleas because of the eggs still in my cats hair. My vet insisted it would take 3 months, wrong — there’s a solution called Comfortis I went to another vet and got a pill for 15 bucks that kills them, it’s safe. Part of the problem was where I applied the Frontline, the cat might have even licked it off because I didn’t go far enough up his back, so that’s user error, but for an instant solution try this. The next step in my process is to get some Ultracide or Precor 2000 to treat the floors, it’s heavy duty stuff that exterminators use so be careful, but you can purchase on-line.

  37. We have used Frontline for years. It stopped working. I asked my vet about it since I noticed he doesn’t carry Frontline. He said that after many complaints suddenly they did some investigation and found that the dispersal agent had been changed. It no longer spreads to all parts of the pet. I use Comboguard now.

  38. I thought I would give Frontline a try as it also claims to keep the ticks off the pets. My two dogs have been miserable for the past month and a half. When I used Advantage we never had flea problems. Back to Costco for a refund!

  39. Frontline is not working on at least one of my cats.. I just applied it two weeks ago and maybe for the first couple of days I would observe fleas in their death throes. Now he is host to some very large fleas and has alot of flea dirt. I was convinced a couple of years ago that it was no longer effective and my vet was selling a Fort Dodge spot-on called Promeris(which I loved) but it has been discontinued. Last year I tried Comfortis for my cats and dog. It doesn’t repel ticks for dogs, so I didn’t repeat the purchase. Both of my cats experienced temporary total hair loss at the point of application; one lost about four square inches of hair in the shoulder blade area. Some feline owners are saying their pets have experienced some severe side effects. Please research this before using. Not sure what I will try next.

  40. Thanks for all the info from everyone. We are in the middle of a failed Frontline flea infestation. Finally got to the point we could put a dose of Advantage on the cats and viola! Dead Fleas! Of course from what I’m hearing we have months of vacuuming to be doing but I’m going out to Petco now to get Advantix II for my pup when I pick her up from the kennel. This has been devastating for me. We are closing off rooms to the house, emptying them and disinfecting them. But… now that the Advantage is working the animals will work as natural vacuums to pick up the adults. I guess us and them will be roaming the house with vacuums twice a day. Just as an FYI we are in CT-USA.

    • Hi Shawn

      Glad you’ve started to make progress with your infestation. Yes, you’re right – get the vacuum cleaner out to suck up any eggs/larvae. I feel your devastation – it’s a horrible thing to happen and so tedious to get on top of it. The good news is that persistence does pay off – and you’ll have a splendidly clean house at the end of it :)

  41. Frontline doesn’t work. I use Comfortis. A pill that is from my vet. It killed the fleas instantly on my cat. It will not work for ticks but my cat is an indoor cat. I have suffered for years bc frontine is a joke. It actually makes them worse for my cat. I have tried it for months.

  42. well frontline does not work no more. My dog can not get fleas at all and this year he got fleas bc frontline is no longer working his fur is now coming out his skin is turning black so now I back to the vets to clear his skin and find something that works on fleas. So for very one who thinks your not using it right that bull I been using it for years and this year it did not work.

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