Natural Flea Treatments|Does Baking Soda Kill Fleas?

Natural Flea Treatments

Many people prefer to use natural flea treatments for their pets, perhaps because they are cheaper or perhaps because they have concerns about chemical pesticides.  There are certainly a great many claims about natural substances that may or may not get rid of fleas.  But which ones work, and which ones are actually safe?

Can baking soda kill fleas?

The worry is that you may choose an ineffective natural flea treatment which doesn’t get rid of your flea problem.  You have then wasted time during which your flea infestation will have escalated.  Rather than saving money, you spend more trying to solve the problem again.  Even worse, not all natural substances are safe.  You may kill the fleas, but harm your pet (or your family) in the process.

One natural product which is often recommended for killing fleas is baking soda.

This post is about:

  • Baking soda as a natural flea treatment
  • How to use baking soda to kill fleas

Does Baking Soda Kill Fleas?

Many people regularly use baking soda as a natural flea treatment.  Some use it directly on their pet’s coat, whilst more use it as a carpet treatment.  Baking soda is sometimes used on its own and often with another natural ingredient, for instance salt.

How does baking soda kill fleas

The claim is that baking soda, like salt, will act as a desiccant and dry out the adult fleas’ bodies.  It is said that it will also dry out larvae.  Plenty of people use baking soda regularly, either with or without salt, and swear that it works for them.  Sceptics who have done their own tests, say that baking soda has no effect on fleas.  They would perhaps say that it is the regular and thorough vacuum cleaning of the carpet that removes the fleas, not the fact that baking soda has been put down first.

Who’s right?  I don’t have a definitive answer.  I will say that regular vacuum cleaning of your home is one of the cornerstones of effectively getting rid of fleas.  If you would like the additional security of using baking soda, I don’t see any harm in that.

How to use baking soda to kill fleas

Baking soda is cheap and easy to use.  Unlike other natural flea treatments, for instance Borax, it has no potentially harmful side effects.

Using baking soda to kill fleas on your pet

Baking soda is safe enough to use directly on your pet’s skin. Use it in conjunction with a bath.

  • Carefully dust your pet’s coat with the baking soda.
  • Take care not to get it into his eyes or around the nose.
  • Leave it for a few hours.
  • Rinse off the baking soda thoroughly; failure to do so could lead to itchy skin.

An added bonus is that baking soda is good for getting rid of dog odour!

Using baking soda to kill fleas in your house

This is an easy process.  You can either use the baking soda on its own or mix equal parts of baking soda and salt.

  • Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda or baking soda and salt all over your floor.
  • Work it into the carpet with a stiff brush or broom.
  • Leave it for several hours.
  • Ensure that animals are kept out of the room(s).
  • Vacuum clean the room thoroughly.
  • Empty the vacuum cleaner bag and dispose of it.

Some people use a small amount of baking soda in their vacuum bags to kill any fleas that may have been left behind when the bag was emptied.


  • Baking soda is a safe to use.
  • Although there is a great deal of anecdotal support for its effectiveness as a natural flea treatment, the scientific evidence is lacking.
  • If your pet is rarely troubled with fleas, adding baking soda to your regular regime of careful grooming and thorough vacuum cleaning of your home may keep fleas at bay.
  • If you have a severe or established infestation be prepared to look at more aggressive methods, whether chemical pesticides or natural flea treatments, to get rid of fleas.